Glass Wallet

In-app Browser

Glass Wallet decentralized application (DApp) Browser allows you to interact with decentralized applications directly on our app.
Besides standard browser functionality. Glass Wallet also supports connecting to DApp projects in SUI ecosystem fast and easily.

Connecting dApps

From the Home screen, select the Browser tab to access the browser:
Homescreen with highlighted Browser tab
For example, I'm trying to connect to keepsake dApp with our browser.
After entering the URL, select Connect button on the dApp site.
keepsake dapp example
Choose SUI Wallet and press Approve button:
Approve connecting to dApp
If successful, your wallet avatar and wallet balance (the detail will depend on the dApp) will be shown on the dApp site:
Dapp connected successfully

Standard browser functionality

  • Web surfing
  • Bookmarks
  • Favorites
  • Share