1. How to get SUI Tokens

  • You can go through these steps to get SUI (devnet only):

    • Install Glass Wallet on mobile or extension

    • Create a new wallet for auto faucet or Receive tokens from other wallets.

    • Press the Get Faucet button (1 time per 30 minutes). (Coming soon)

Currently, SUI is on Devnet. Therefore whenever SUI updates the network, your SUI will be wiped out.

2. Why were the tokens wiped out on devnet when updated?

  • Currently, SUI only has devnet, mainly for test & development purposes. Therefore breaking changes and updates are necessary for the network to become stable. The whole blockchain may be wiped out by SUI officials when it's happened.

  • Once the whole blockchain is wiped out, your assets will disappear and no longer exist, but your wallet itself will still be there. You can follow this faq to get some SUI tokens.

  • After the SUI goes to mainnet, then your wallet will never be wiped out, and you can trade your assets safely on the SUI blockchain. We expect the SUI mainnet will go online next year (2023), be patient.

3. What if I forget the password for my Glass Wallet

  • We don't have the reset password feature in the current version. However, you can reinstall the app to have a new password.

  • Glass Wallet is an app that supports multiple wallets, it is not a wallet itself. As long as you remember/save the 12-word passphrases of your wallets, you can import them again, your assets will still remain.

4. What if I forget my 12-word passphrase?

  • The sad news is, we can not do anything. Glass Wallet is a non-custodial wallet. It means you and only you have access to your private information such as your passphrase, we do not have any of your data. It's your responsibility to secure your passphrase.

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