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Where to download Glass Wallet?

  1. Mobile Version

    The current version of Glass is in Google Play or App Store.

  2. Extension Version

    You can find the current version of Glass in the Google Chrome Store.

    And the newest version in Github to follow all recent changes and bug fixes uses the Github version as it takes time to reach Chrome Store due to Google Review Policy.

  3. The current version of Glass Wallet:

    v0.2.0(2) for Android

    v0.2.0(2) for iOS

    v0.1.0(2) for Extension

  4. Use the v0.1.0(2) or higher version of Glass Wallet to go through the current docs.

First installation

When you first install the wallet, you'll be asked to enter the app password. This password will be used every time the app lock, to view the passphrase as well as some other settings.

Here, you can also turn on the biometric authentication. If you forget to do it at this step, don't worry, you can set it up later here.

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