Create A New Wallet

Step 1: Create New Wallet

After pressing "Create A New Wallet" and agreeing to our Privacy Policy.

Glass Wallet will give you 12 randomly generated keywords, they are called Backup Recovery PassPhrases.

Your seed phrase is used to generate and recover your wallet.

It's more user-friendly, human-readable, and secure (in practice) than primitive private-key-only solutions.

Just with one suite of seed phrases, you can access all blockchains and create multiple accounts.

Press "Press to see your seed phrase" to write the passphrase down (recommended) or Copy to clipboard and save it on a reliable password manager or secured note app.

  1. Do not lose your seed phrase. We cannot recover it for you.

  2. Reveal your seed phrase with ANYONE, not even someone who claims they are from Glass Wallet team

  3. Read 1 again.

If someone has your 12-word seed phrase, they will have full control of your wallet

It is highly recommended that you write down your wallet or copy these words in the correct order and save them in a safe place instead of screenshots or pasting clipboards to other apps that you can't trust

Step 2: Ready to use

That's it. It's that simple.

We have auto faucet for current Devnet.

50,000,000 nano SUI = 50 SUI will be added to your wallet when you create a new one.

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